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Handmade Spicy Chili Firecracker to Celebrate the Chinese New Year


最近與二澳農作社合作,用香港田收割出來的稻草,除了可以做日式注連繩之外,還可以做什麼有特色,又有中國特色既產物呢?最後得到社長既提議,創作出呢串用辣椒乾炮仗串!以往燒炮仗都是我們年幼時擁有過非常刺激的回憶。所謂「爆竹一聲除舊歲,桃符萬象迎新春」。但是煙火始終都是危險物品呢~ 希望呢串用稻草編織出來的手工辣椒炮仗串飾品會為大家帶來一點小新意啦!

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A new collaboration with AEfolio

I was recently invited by AEfolio to participate in a floral art event at their showroom in Tsim Sha Tsui’s Ocean Centre. It was a great honour to be able to use AEfolio’s handmade glass artwork to create various floral arrangements. Each piece of glass is essentially a work of art.

Traditionally, most Chinese or Eastern-style flower arrangements are made using ceramic or porcelain vessels. However, it is possible to create dynamic pieces of floral art using glass containers. The refraction of light and shadow can further enhance the enchanting magic of flowers reflected in water.


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Hong Kong Lotus Festival

The scorching summer is the best time to appreciate lotus flowers.

The first Hong Kong Lotus Exhibition was held at Po Lin Monastery on Lantau Island, and it was a great event! During the exhibition, various workshops and educational lectures were held at the monastery for two consecutive weeks. In particular, the renowned Chinese floral art professor, Mrs. Li Lishu, was invited to arrange a Chinese floral art exhibition, and together with other Chinese floral art students, she presented a series of flower arrangements based on the twenty-four solar terms in the main shrine hall. Before the opening, I was fortunate enough to participate in the preparations and filming, and it was truly eye-opening and beneficial.

Every teacher and student gave their best to create one impressive arrangement after another. I hope that in the future, more Chinese floral art exhibitions will be held in Hong Kong so that more people can come into contact with the traditional Chinese art forms and experience the new charm of flowers and plants under the skillful hands of Chinese floral artists.