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Exploring the Aesthetics of Floral Art: From Basic Techniques to Creative Insights

Recently, more and more flower shops have opened in Hong Kong, no longer limited to flower markets. As the price of floral materials has come down, more and more people are willing to buy fresh flowers to take home. However, to successfully create an attractive floral arrangement, one must not only master the basic techniques, but also gain experience in growing and caring for flowers.

The origin, variety and choice of colour of the floral materials, as well as their freshness, water retention, water quality, temperature and air circulation will all affect the degree of bloom and life of the flowers.

Roses, chrysanthemums, lilies, carnations and hydrangeas are flowers that are available all year round, but the varieties and colour choices on the market vary with the seasons. As the saying goes, “eat what’s in season”, and the same principle applies to creating floral art.

Simple vase arrangements are an essential skill for any flower lover. As well as colour coordination, you also need to consider the texture, size and density of the floral materials. Advanced floral artistry requires even more attention to the balance point of the arrangement and the attitude of the flowers, which we call the “look of the flower”. Just as people have a distinctive facial expression, flowers have their own unique pose, as each flower has its own sun-facing characteristics.

If you can take the time to attend a floral arranging class and be guided by an experienced instructor, it will benefit you for life. Learning floral art is one of the shortcuts to improving your aesthetic perception, and the final works often reflect the attitude of the creator. As long as everyone is willing to “put in the time”, anyone can become a master florist in their own home.