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As the founder of “WaaFaaCii” since 2019, she is dedicated to promoting Chinese floral art in Hong Kong.

In addition to its purpose, it hopes to promote Chinese floral art in Hong Kong. In the past, I had a relationship with a different company

We cooperate with companies and institutions to provide exquisite floral works and hold floral workshops.

She shares her expertise and techniques through private lessons, offering personalised instruction in floral arrangement.

Her expertise and skills.

Here are some past collaborators: companies and organizations.

Flower arrangement service

Waafaacii provides you with door-to-door flower arrangement services. Whether it’s a weekly/monthly flower arrangement schedule, or a single flower arrangement need, we have you covered. At the same time, we also provide industrial and commercial floral products and services, including all types of floral arrangements, banquet floral arrangements, landscape design, etc. Whether you need to create a charming atmosphere for a special occasion or want to liven up your office environment, we have the perfect solution for you. Welcome to contact us for enquiries.

Our customers and partners

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Waafaacii was established in 2019 and is committed to providing floral services and organizing workshops. We believe that no matter where you are, as long as there are flowers, they can bring artistic poetry to everyone’s busy life. Waafaacii cooperates with many companies and institutions to bring people positive energy and the opportunity to beautify the environment. Welcome to contact us to learn more.