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Hong Kong Lotus Festival

The scorching summer is the best time to appreciate lotus flowers.

The first Hong Kong Lotus Exhibition was held at Po Lin Monastery on Lantau Island, and it was a great event! During the exhibition, various workshops and educational lectures were held at the monastery for two consecutive weeks. In particular, the renowned Chinese floral art professor, Mrs. Li Lishu, was invited to arrange a Chinese floral art exhibition, and together with other Chinese floral art students, she presented a series of flower arrangements based on the twenty-four solar terms in the main shrine hall. Before the opening, I was fortunate enough to participate in the preparations and filming, and it was truly eye-opening and beneficial.

Every teacher and student gave their best to create one impressive arrangement after another. I hope that in the future, more Chinese floral art exhibitions will be held in Hong Kong so that more people can come into contact with the traditional Chinese art forms and experience the new charm of flowers and plants under the skillful hands of Chinese floral artists.