About Us

Ms Chu / Teacher Chu

Certified Chinese Floral design Lecturer

Mami Flower Design

Teacher Chu is a versatile floral artist who holds multiple positions, including as a certified Chinese floral design instructor, a student of Mami flower design from Japan, and a Chinese ink illustrator. With rich creative experience, she has studied contemporary art in Spain and Chinese floral design in Taiwan, combining elements from different cultures to make her works more diverse and unique. Therefore, her creations are not limited to traditional oriental flower arrangements!

Teacher Chu’s floral works focus on the combination of materials and vessels, presenting the “ideal life” in the minds of urban people. Her works not only emphasize aesthetic beauty but also integrate practicality into daily life, allowing people to experience the beauty provided by flowers, plants, and trees. She believes that urbanites should bring art into their lives, and that life is art.

In 2019, Ms Chu founded “WAAFAACII” with the aim of “playing with flowers and making friends”, hoping to promote Chinese floral design through the charm of flowers and to help even more people appreciate and love floral art and culture. Her efforts have made Hong Kong’s floral culture more vibrant and colorful, and she hopes to bring even more wonderful experiences to people.